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carefully curated, sourced and created feel-good special wares


Origin Story

In 2018, I experienced the most difficult year of my life. In the first quarter my Dad became increasingly and irreversibly ill; I took on the role of primary caretaker. The second quarter, he passed, leaving me devastated and depressed. The third quarter I tied up the loose ends that come with death, while feeling all the ways grief can dictate your being. And finally, during the fourth quarter, my job was eliminated. When I left the office on my last day (November 2, 2018), I was feeling lost and overwhelmed, a smidge euphoric, at my crazed plan of having no plan. I didn’t have a job lined up, and I had finite savings. So I used the new unaccounted space in my life for the things I truly love, like writing (I took a class and wrote a TV Pilot!), handmade products, curating gifts and discovering and highlighting dope businesses.

After years of doling out recommendations and ideas on what’s in and new, where to go, skincare and health tips, I finally decided to create Maya Loves…. Combining my love of gift-giving, event-planning and self-care, Maya Loves… was launched. Each item is carefully curated, sourced and created, centering on all the things I LOVE, in particular self-care. These products are honest and tangible, and made specifically with you in mind. In order to give you the very best, quantities are limited and made in small, heartfelt batches. I can’t wait for you to see what’s in the box?!


Maya James

Founder, Creator, Chief Curating Officer

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Loving your skin and body never felt this good! Small batch tangible and honest products. Indulge and take care.

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Glow Up

Love on your skin and body! Start your own revolution with self-care every damn day. Refreshers, scrubs, bath teas and more.

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Visuals + Enjoyables

Getchu some… tees, postcards, stickers, totes and more!

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